Guideline to Author

The Indian Journal of Environmental Protection publishes articles on all aspects of environmental pollution and its control under the 4 broad topics :

  1. Air pollution,
  2. Waste water/industrial effluent
  3. Ground water/surface water pollution and
  4. Miscellenious.

The article should be thoroughly checked for typographical mistakes and editorial consistency. Article should be typed on computer and two copies of the article along with CD should be sent for publication. The soft copy of the article on a CD must be submitted along with hard-copies.

The article should have one main title, along with name of all authors and address of the main organization.

The text of the article should be written under 9 main headings :

  1. Abstract, Not more than 200 words
  2. Keywords
  3. Introduction
  4. Material and method
  5. Result and discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. Nomenclature
  8. Reference, and
  9. Authors’ Details, containing name, designation and address of all author(s) of the article.

These main headings may have sub-headings and sub-sub-headings.

British english should be used. All words should be written in full. Excessive and unnecessary use of capital letters, italic or bold letters should be avoided. Do not use the symbols : i.e., eg., viz.; for these symbols use :, that is;, for example;,namely; respectively.

Presentation :

Main-headings: These should be typed in all bold capital letters.
Sub-headings : These should be typed in all bold small letters.
Sub-sub-headings: These should be typed in all bold small letters as sub-headings. But just after this put colon and then sentence starts in continuation.
Number : All numbers in figures, tables and in the text should be Arabic numerals. Do not write any number in words.
Units : S.I. units should be used. All units should be written in singular form and full-stop will not be given at the end of any unit. Use the following abbreviations for the units.
cm, m, m2, m3, T, kg, g, mg, mg, kg/m3, s, min, hr, day, year, m/min, cm/sec, MW, amp, volt, ppb, ppm, %, (if required L, mL, acre, gallon).
Figures and tables: Figures should be drawn only in black and white on computer. Figures and tables should be typed on separate sheets and attached at the end of the article. No tracing of the figure is required. Border should not be given in the figure. Captions for figures should be given at bottom and captions for tables should be given at the top.
Referencing : In the text reference should be given by name(s) and year, arranged in alphabetical order. If the workers are more than 2 then the name of first worker and then et al. should be given. Examples:
Jha, 1999; Jha and Tewari, 2001; Jha et al., 2002.
In the text: In the text if reference comes in continuation in the sentence, write like: Jha (1999) or Jha and Tewari (2001) or Jha et al. (2002). If the reference comes at the end of the sentence, write like: (Jha, 1999). or (Jha and Tewari, 2001). or (Jha etal., 2002). or 1999; Jha et al., 2002).

Under the heading of reference:
If authors are more than 3, use first author and et al.
From Journal :
Tewari, R.P. 2003. Air pollution control in textile industry. Indian J. Env. Prot., 23(2):126-127.
Tewari, R.P. and C.N. Singh. 2002. Water pollution control-An introduction. Indian J. Env. Prot., 22 (5): 481-485.
Tewari, R.P., C.N. Singh and G. Jha. 2003. Noise pollution. Indian J. Env. Prot., 23 (1): 1-8.
Tewari, R.P., et al. 2001. Ground water pollution. Indian J. Env. Prot., 21(1): 20-24.

From Seminar :
Srivastava, K.N. and O.P. Ojha. 2002. Wastewater treatment in dye industries. International Seminar on pollution in dye industry. New Delhi. Proceedings, pp 181-185.
From Book :
Datta, R., P. Singh and G. Kumar. 2003. Air pollution from automobiles. In Air pollution control (3rd edn, vol 2). Ed R.P. Saxena and P.K. Rai. McGraw-Hill, New York. pp 345-362.
From Report :
EPA Report. 2003. Stack gas desulphirization for thermal power plant. EPA-600/R-95-015. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, N.C., U.S.A.

From Thesis:
Srivastava, P.K. 2002. Limestone dissolution in modelling of slurry scrubbing for flue gas deslupharization. Ph.D.Thesis. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.
Tewari, J.K. 2001. Chromium removal from tannery. M.Tech. Dissertation. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

Abbreviation to be used under reference heading:
(in, of, and–should not be used in Reference)
Agriculture–Agric., Air-Air, Applied-Appl., Assessment–Asses., Association–Assoc., Atmosphere/Atmospheric–Atoms.
Bioengineering¬–Bioeng., Biology–Biol., Biotechnology–Biotech., Bulletin–Bull.
Chemical/Chemistry–Chem., Conservation–Conser., Contamination–Contam., Control–Cont.
Ecobiology–Ecobiol., Ecology–Ecol., Engineer/Engineers–Engr., Engineering–Eng., Environment/Environmental–Env.
Federation–Fed., Fermentation–Fermen.
Industry/Industrial–Ind., Institute/Institution–Inst., International–Int.
Management–Manage., Microbiology¬–Microbiol., Modelling–Model.
Pesticide–Pest., Physiology–Physiol., Plant–Plant, Pollution–Poll., Progress–Progr., Protection–Prot.
Report–Rep., Research–Res., Resource–Resour.
Science–Sci., Society–Soc., Soil–Soil, Solid–Solid
Technology–Tech., Total–total
Waste–Waste, Water-Water